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Permission question


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If I want members to be able to enable/disable comments on their own items only, would it work to set Allow on the 'Lock / unlock comments:' permission under 'Showcase Moderator Permissions - Items', if 'Edit items by anyone' is set to 'Not Set (no)'?

It seems like lock/unlock is only available if you can edit an item. So if they only have access to editing their own items, then they'd only have access to lock/unlock their own comments.

Is that correct?
That particular Moderator Permission itself isn't tied to another Moderator Permission, so in theory it should work. You'd need to TEST it tho.
I tested it and it seems to work. Is there any reason not to do this? Is it likely that it could be changed in the future in a way that might cause it not to work this way?
s there any reason not to do this?
I have no idea. Its not MEANT to be used like that, so I can't say. Its MEANT to be a permissions for Showcase MODERATORS. Sometimes you can get away with using it for another purpose (such as giving an item owner more power for their items), but don't even consider it a FEATURE.

Is it likely that it could be changed in the future in a way that might cause it not to work this way?
Very Likely as the permission is MEANT for MODERATORS so if I change MODERATOR based functionality that requires a change in the permission, its going to happen regardless if someone else is using it for a purpose other than what the permission was designed for.

IMO, you need to use this as a TEMP solution until I decide to implement the suggestion that you made regarding letting CONTENT owners control this.