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Payout Question..


Power Rankings
A Couple of questions.

First this is how my setup looks


BD Bank


When guys are placing wagers, were is the money being held? Meaning as a bettor I can see my balance reduce but as a bookie shouldnt my balance increase?

Secondly.. people are not getting paid out after settlement. As a bookie I havent seen my balance reduce, and as a bettor I havent seen my balance increase as a winner either.
I think this was just a matter of bookies not settling properly.

I assume on a "push" everyone gets paid?

Is there a transaction history that I can view deposits into my account?
There are no PUSHES. An outcome either pays out or it doesn't. If you want to payout on TIES, that is up to you. Anoher thing you can do is delete the outcome prior to settlement. Deleting an outcome returns all the stakes on that outcome.

No, bookies don't get paid, nor do they payout from their account. The transactions are not between the Bookie and Players, its between the System and the Players.
Nothing from the Sportsbook side. You can do things on your own tho. I always reward my members that do extra things on my site (like creating events).
I am not sure what you are asking..
I am saying, post any requests for functionality that the addon does not have that you would like to see in the addon here: http://addons.nfljunkies.com/forums/sportsbook-suggestions.29/

what incentive is there for a bookie if they don't receive any rewards?
As I've already said, none. Sportsbook is not about rewarding a bookie. If you want some sorta bookie reward system, feel free to request that functionality here: http://addons.nfljunkies.com/forums/sportsbook-suggestions.29/ When requesting functionality, you need to explain what you want in detail. Just saying "I think it should have some sorta bookie reward system" won't cut it.

I give my bookies pretty much the same benefits as I give my Moderators (things like waiving membership fees, extra sportsbook cash etc).