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Article Management System own but license expired


New Member
@Bob just checking if i'm on an old version, is there a lower fee for renewing like there is with xenforo or do we just pay full retail to get ams and showcase to their current versions
Trying to figure out how much everything is going to run me to get up to date before i pull the trigger, rather save up and buy everything the same day so all of them run out at the same time.
What was the difference between standard & premium version.
First a little bit of History.

Up until a few months ago, I had 3 license Tiers (Early Adopter, Premium and Standard). There were only a hand full of Premium license holders, so there was really not a NEED for 3 tiers. I decided to just go with 2 tiers instead. What I did was merge the handful of Premium license holders into the Early Adopter Tier and then rename the EA Tier to Premium.

So if you purchased the OLD Premium license, you were upgraded into the new Premium license which has A LOT more benefits than the old Premium (has all of the old Early Adopter benefits).

IIRC, you purchased an EA (Early Adopter) license (which has all the same benefits as before, just a different name).

Standard license includes basic support (here on the forum) and access to stable versions of the addon. Initial purchase includes 1 year of basic support.

Premium license includes advanced support (which includes private support, after hours support), access to my private development site (which is where I work with Premium license holders on enhancing addons), access to all versions of the addon (Alpha, Beta, RC and Stable), early access to releases (before standard license holders get access), ability to purchase private addons (such as my Blogs and Reviews addons) and more. Initial purchase includes 2 years of advanced support.