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Resolved Changing posted by?


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In setting up our site, as the Admin, I posted a number of items into Showcase to get the forum up and running. It was an import from vBulletin. Now that we are running and functional, is there a way to change the name of the person who posted a particular item? Maybe an add-on?

I could go in and edit the database but run the risk of not editing the correct item and screwing things up. If the credit link is just the user ID, it's no big deal, but if it links on multiple points, it could easily be screwed up.

Ideas on how to change the 'ownership' on these articles? I have about 8 of them


Hey Paul :)

You can use the 'Reassign' item function to change ownership of a given Showcase Item.

Its a moderator function in the More options drop down on the Item page.


Clicking on the link launches an overlay where you type in the Username for the new owner, with an option to notify the current and new owner of the item.


There is a bulk reassign function via in-line moderation available as well