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Implemented Change Posting Author


I would like to see an admin function to Change Posting Author. The reason for this is we have a lot of our members that will email us information and in a Word document as they not sure how to format it as a post or in this case Showcase Item. So we in turn will create the thread for them. However we need then to start said thread first so we can just edit in all the information needed. By changing the posting author we could just post it as then from the start.
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So the reassign showcase isn't working for you? It was designed specifically for that reason.
Can I change this request to ask for a blond smillie just for me :p That is great as I have a few that I need to do for a few members, thanks
Let me know if it does what you need it to do. Its not 100% perfect, but it does the trick for what the original requester asked for it to do :)
I just did one now and it seems that it works as it should and so far I have noticed nothing out of sorts with it at all.
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Just popped in to say thanks for this option, just made my life a whole lot easier. :)