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Implemented Options Management Changes


Staff member
Due to several license holders having issues saving showcase options, I've had to make some significant changes to how Showcase Options are Managed. This is due to server issues caused by both the pure number of options and types of options (like Category Choosers) within a single Option Group. A single Option group with a Tabbed Interface is no longer a viable solution due to some of the complex options and the number of category chooser being used. I've separated all of the showcase options into 8 Showcase Option Groups. I have replaced the Tabbed interface with a Showcase Option Groups quick nav.

As mentioned, Showcase now has 8 Option Groups (as seen in the image below). This is a shot from the main xenforo option groups dropdown. You'll notice that the new Option Groups are named similar to how the Tabbed Interface was laid out (this was done on purpose).


When viewing any of the Showcase Option Groups, there will be a Showcase Option Groups quick Nav (links) that take you to that specific Option Group without having to find it in the lost list of option groups in the Core XF Options Group dropdown.

The Quick Link is BOLD on the specific Option Group being viewed.


The Quick Links are available in Desktop and Tablet responsive modes. This is a shot just before the Narrow Responsive break point.


When the Narrow Responsive break point kicks in (smartphones), the Quick Links is replaced with a Showcase Option Groups dropdown.


This dropdown only contains Showcase Option Groups (so its quicker than using the main Option Groups dropdown if you are wanting to go to another showcase option group).


NOTE: I've MERGED the Member Pages and User Profile Options into ONE Option Group. The Member Pages Options group has Options that control the Notable Members page, Member Pages and Member Profiles.
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