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Implemented New Permissions - Submit comments without approval and Submit reviews without approval


Staff member
With XF 2.2 taking longer than anticipated, I am going to move some of the features I've implemented for AMS 2.2 into AMS 2.1.x (starting with AMS 2.1.13).

As per title, I've added 2 new AMS permissions 'Submit comments without approval' and 'Submit reviews without approval'


Currently, both Comments and Reviews use the Core XF General Permission "Submit content without approval" as part of determining whether a new Comment or new Review should be submitted as Visible or Moderated, however, that general permission doesn't allow for much flexibility as it applies to ALL Content and sometimes sites want finer control.

This allows you much finer control as it only applies to AMS and you can apply these permissions at the Category Level (so some categories you might want to moderate comments or reviews, other categories you might not want to).
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