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Implemented Navigation Updates and Author list


Staff member
This was funded by 3 AMS license holders who wish to remain anonymous and simply wanted to give back to the community to include this in core instead of an addon.

As per title, there are some updates to the category_list_macros template (specifically the simple_list_block macro).

The "categories" blocks on AMS Index and AMS Category pages uses the new arg-isNavBlock in the simple_list_block macro in the category_list_macros template. This sets the block title to "Navigation" as well as adds some additional navigation related links to the block (as shown in the image below).


I've updated the Series Index page to include the Navigation block (as well as a widget position that allows you to add widgets to the Series SideNav (AMS Series index: Sidenav).



Author List

I've added an Author List instead of only having the Member Stats as the only listing of Authors. This is a very basic listing (as it doesn't need to be flashy). The listing is paginated and the fetch order is alphabetical. The Username is linked to the specific users "Author page". It will display a snippet of the Authors "about author" if there is one (300 characters). It displays the amount of Articles the member has posted (linked to the author page), the amount of Series the member has created (linked to the series index, filtered by specific author) and the amount of Comments the member has posted (not linked).

Also included on the Navigation Block, are "viewing user" specific links.

I've also added a widget position for the Author list sideNav "AMS Author list: Sidenav".


Author Page

I've added the Navigation Block to the Authors page as well. I've added a widget position for Author pages as well "AMS Author page: Sidenav" (applicable for all of the various Author pages... published articles, articles awaiting publishing, drafts).


Here is an updated listing of all the Widget positions that can be used to add widgets to AMS pages.


Note: The Widget Definition "AMS: Category navigation" is un-effected by these updates. That definition is only used for creating Category Navigation blocks for use outside of AMS.
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