ams 2.2.12

  1. Bob

    Updated Title fitler

    I've updated the Title Filter from a 'drop-down select' to a 'text input'.
  2. Bob

    Implemented Comment counts for users are now tracked and cached in the xf_user table

    As per title, AMS is now tracking and storing comment counts (for both internal use and for customization purposes). The comment count data for each user is stored in a cache field xa_ams_comment_count located in the xf_user table (which means where ever a USER ENTITY is exposed, the cached...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Navigation Updates and Author list

    This was funded by 3 AMS license holders who wish to remain anonymous and simply wanted to give back to the community to include this in core instead of an addon. As per title, there are some updates to the category_list_macros template (specifically the simple_list_block macro). The...
  4. S

    Implemented Author/Editor/Staff list

    A dedicated page for a simple list of article owners for AMS? Like: Staff list - The Boston Globe Maybe sorted alphabetically or better by "recent". So whoever published recently, gets first in the list and so on. This would help to find quickly who publishes articles on the site.