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Awaiting Clarification Navigation menu


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So I was messing around and lost the navigation menu. I have spent a long time looking and give up.
I can't find it in Permissions or settings.
I found a post here where you created the save as draft permission but I can't find that. It's probably stupidly easy. :X3:

222.jpg Mine looks like this

111.jpg But I would like it to look like this
The first screenshot is of a Sidebar Block (not a widget) that is rendered on Showcase Index and Category pages. It has no connection to the XenForo Navigation System. The Data for that block is fetched and prepared in a controller action (both for SC Index and SC Category pages) and passed into templates that use a specific Category Macro to render the Category Navigation (same as both XFRM and XFMG do).

Looks like your second screen shot MIGHT be from the XF Navigation System. If so, you'd need to create navigation element via the XF Navigation System and set the TYPE from "Basic" to "Callback" and then you'd need to develop (PHP) a custom callback Class and Method. Its doable as I've seen some posts at XenForo.com doing that for both XFRM and XFMG (same things would apply doing it for any of my addons that use the Category System).

This does require some basic to mid level XF development knowledge.