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Move thread out of Showcase


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Hi there, how would I move a thread from the showcase back to the normal forum to return it to its normal thread state? I see the "convert threads to showcase" option, but is there an "unconvert" option?

Thanks. :)
A THREAD is a THREAD. There is no such thing as a "Showcase Thread", its just a normal thread that is associated with a Showcase Item (same as the XFRM and dozens of other addons that do the same thing).

Im not sure if you are asking about how to CONVERT the Showcase Item back to a thread OR if you want to KEEP the Showcase Item and just unassociate the Discussion thread (two different processes).


The "Convert Thread to Showcase Item" function creates a NEW Showcase Item by using the Thread Title as the Showcase Item Title and the first post content as the Showcase Item content. If the first post of the Thread has any attachments, those are then converted to the Showcase Item. Once the Item is created, the first post of the discussion thread is changed to a standardized message (same standard as the XFRM). The last step is that the discussion_type field for the discussion thread is set to 'showcase' (which is how "association") works.


The REVERSE of that is "Convert Item to Thread" (which is in the Item Tools dropdown). The Convert Item to Thread works regardless if there is an associated discussion thread. If the Item has an existing associated discussion thread, the process is pretty much the reverse of the above paragraph. The Discussion thread title will be changed (if different) to the Showcase Item Title, the first post of the discussion thread will be replaced with the Tab 1 message content and any Item attachments will be converted to post attachments (to the first post). Things like Comments, Custom Fields, Ratings, Reviews etc are all LOST because Threads don't have that stuff. If the Item doesn't have an associated thread, a new thread will be created for the conversion.



For Showcase Items that have an associated discussion thread, you can unassociate the discussion thread at any time by editing the Showcase Item and setting the Discussion Thread Id to 0 (Zero). This simply removes the association (sets the discussion_type field to empty on the thread).



For Showcase Items that do not have an associated discussion thread, you can associate an existing discussion thread to an item simply by editing the item and setting the Discussion Thread Id. The thread's discussion_type field must be empty for this to happen (can't be a thread associated with another content type).
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Thank you for the comprehensive reply, I can figure it out now. (y)
Let me know if you run into any problems or need something enhanced. Im working on Showcase 2.7.0 Beta 1 right now, so if there is anything related to this, you should get suggestions in now.