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Implemented More star ratings

Discussion in 'Showcase Closed Suggestions' started by Adam Bloch, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Adam Bloch

    Adam Bloch New Member Showcase

    I had a look but couldn't see another thread asking for this...

    Is it possible to have the option to create user fields that are star ratings?

    Many thanks

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    User Fields is a Core XenForo functionality. Showcase has Custom Item Fields that are similar, but they are for the ITEM itself. I am experimenting with Custom Review Fields (which would be completely separate from Custom Item Fields) and one of the field types would be star rating.

    Is this something you want for the Showcase ITEM itself (that the SHowcase Author sets) or are you wanting this for the User Reviews (where each users would be rating)?
  3. Adam Bloch

    Adam Bloch New Member Showcase

    I would like people to be able to rate things about an Item so I guess it for the User Review.

    If you had a car you could as a user give it:

    1 to 5 star rating for comfort
    1 to 5 star rating for speed
    1 to 5 star rating for value

    The existing star rating would be the over all, unless you want to do some cool averaging :)
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  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Gotcha, so yes, the Custom Review Fields is what you'd be wanting (and this is currently under development)
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

  6. C.Birch

    C.Birch Member AMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    @Bob how hard would it be to add the rating field type so it could also be used within the item fields also?
    So that the item author can add their own ratings for a item?
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    C.Birch likes this.
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