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Resolved More from block and reassigned articles


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It seems that the reassigned articles are not appearing in the block more from the author

Article from this author Articles par Franck Cassapino | Forum Regionalis are both reassigned, and if you click on one of them the other does not appear in the more from block of the sidebar.

Article from this author Articles par Bernadette Marié | Forum Regionalis contains 4 articles including 2 reassigned, if you click on one of the articles the block more from contains only 2 articles (the block is configured to display 3).

Content for the "More in category" is fetched first (before the "More from member").

When fetching data for the "More from author", the article id's from the articles fetched for the "More in category" are used in the fetching process for the "More from author" so that it excludes articles with those Id's, so that there are no duplicate articles in the two blocks.

The First Author has 2 articles, both articles are in the same category. When you view either one of those articles, the other article that author owns is displayed in the "More in category" block, so any articles from that block will NOT be duplicated in the "More from author" block.

The 2nd author, has 4 articles (there is no such thing as a reassigned article), just 4 Articles. When viewing any of those 4 articles, content is displaying in both the "More in category" and "More from author" (altho, you have the "More in category" block configured to display below the article, where as the "More from author" you have displayed in the sidebar block. Same thing applies, content that is display in the "More in category" will not be fetched for the "More from author".

You simply do not have enough content in the system yet. Once you get to a point where there are at least 20-30 articles, you'll start seeing that those blocks will both be populated :)

Hope all that made sense ;)

including 2 reassigned
HUH? What does this even mean? "Reassign Article" is a Moderator Function, not a type of article status. When an article is reassigned, the only thing that happens is that the user_id field and the username field for the article change. There is no field that marks the article as reassigned. There is no function that lists any articles that have been reassigned.

Can you explain to me what you think the "Reassign article" function does? Its the same exact moderator function that the XenForo Resource Manager has eg "Reassign resource". That is just a function for changing ownership. Its not tracked, its not stored, there is no such thing as a "Reassigned content type". Maybe you are thinking that the function does more than it actually does?
I understand how it works now with your explanations. To avoid duplicates on the same page, the articles are first displayed in the more from category block and if then there are still 'free' articles then they are displayed in the more from author block. Clever.
Not knowing this I figured it was because some articles had been reassigned that it didn't appear in the more from author block, a bug. (especially since the number of articles reassigned for the authors that I took as an example illustrated, by chance in fact, my theory well.) But everything is clear now. Thanks.
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