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Missing "next" icon from image bar


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G'day Mate!

I seem to be missing the "next" thingy icon from the image bar in my showcase area. Does anyone have an idea what I have done and how can I get the thingy back? See attached image :)

showcase missing arrow thingy in image viewer.jpg
That image is: /styles/default/nflj/showcase/slider/nav.png Your custom style might be looking for it in the wrong directory. Whats the URL to your site?
ya, its expecting the images to be here: styles/selfsufficientculture/nflj/showcase/slider/nav.png

instead of here:/styles/default/nflj/showcase/slider/nav.png

you will need to create a directory structure for that style and move the slider images into that.
Its the behavior of the custom style. If you look at your profile page, you will see that your profile tabs do the same thing. The style modifies the core class which means anything that uses that core class will be effected...
Yep, you were dead right!

I made some simple edits in the xenforo_tabs.css template on border width and colours (nothing fancy) but I'm 100% happy with the outcome. My showcase is improving by the day and last night I learnt how to use "custom fields" in showcase also - now that's Micky Mouse.

showcase tab bar css .jpg
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