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Minimum Review Length


New Member
I want to encourage my forum's showcase reviews to be serious and longer in form so I upped the max character and via forum rules imposed a 250 character minimum for all reviews.

Its a bit of a pain to enforce this manually and I would love to see a system enforced minimum review length option! This is a feature on RM that I would love to see implemented in Showcase.
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This has been fully implemented....

I've added a Min Review Summary Length option (default is 250). Setting to 0 disables the minimum length requirement. This only works if the Category Option to REQUIRE a review is enabled (each individual category has its own setting)



Here you can see a Category that REQUIRES a Review and the Min Review Summary length option is set to 250 characters. You'll notice that the Submit Review button is disabled because there is not enough "text" in the summary input. Once you reach the min of 250, the submit button will become enabled (see below)


Here you can see that I've added at least 250 characters to the summary which enabled the review to be submitted.


In this shot, there is no Minimum Summary length, but a review is still required. If you attempt to submit, the system will thow an error (see below)


This is just a simple core XF error overlay letting you know you need to provide a Review Summary.