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Resolved Logs of alerts sent out?


These last couple of weeks I don't THINK reminder alerts have been going out.

Is there any method you suggest to check up on this? DB tables or logs we should trawl through?

We're trying to track down what's happening.

BTW - Updated to the latest version on Wednesday.

Thought the cron entries might have been reset on addon update again, but no they look fine:


It's 2:02 PM here now.

Alerts should have gone out at 12.

Users DID get the away team auto-picks though so that is working.

Annnnd users reporting they did get the alert.

Nothing to see here I suppose - though I didn't get an alert.
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Alerts are a Core XenForo Function. All alerts are stored in the Core XenForo Table 'xf_user_alert' That IS the log table for alerts, however, alerts are purged on a daily basis, so it's not a permanent log.

You can adjust the time to keep read alerts available via the admin control panel (Admin CP >> Options >> User alerts and notifications:

I usually adjust mine during the Football season, but these are the default values that are set when installing XenForo.



Unread alerts are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Keep in mind while you troubleshoot, every single ALERT can be opted out by users (this is a Core XF Feature). The table 'xa_user_alert_optout' is where that use data is stored.

Here you can see the 3 alert types (both standard alert and Push notification) can be enabled (Checked) or disabled (Unchecked). You need to make sure the user(s) that you are troubleshooting have not opted out (whether they did it on purpose or accidentally).


Reminders are now sent out to EVERYONE (both reminders). They are sent out ON the Alert Date and 24 hours AFTER the first alert.