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Location field gone


I updated AMS yesterday using Add-on install & upgrade by uploading the zip and now the location field is gone.
Ok. Why are there 2 lines separating the tags and title. Shouldn't there only be one if the location field is disabled. I got the email and I did the upgrade right when I got it.
I did the upgrade right when I got it.
That is not the correct way to do things. You ALWAYS need to read about the upgrade PRIOR to upgrading so that you are aware of any CHANGES that the upgrade contains (like this for example). Reading also informs you of any POST Upgrade steps that you need to perform (which again, you were not aware of, because you blindly upgraded).

Why are there 2 lines separating the tags and title
My guess would be that there is a FIELDSET (that is the code that adds the lines) that is not being hidden when there are no custom fields for that area. Just ignore it and if there is a bug with the FIELDSET, I'll fix it in the next release. The Create and Edit forms are changing in the next 2nd point release anyway.