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Implemented Category Option: Allow Location


Staff member
This is an extension to this feature: Implemented - Location Field

There is a new per Category Option "Allow Location" which allows you to enable/disable the LOCATION field for articles. When this option is enabled, a location field will be available on the article create/edit form.


NOTE: This option is DISABLED by default. You will need to edit each Category and enable this option.

NOTE 2: This particular setting is NOT a FIELD in a table (its part of a serialized array), so there is not an SQL statement that can be run to bulk set this category option. You are going to have to edit each of your categories that you want to "allow location" and set it.

NOTE 3: Exiting data will NOT be lost. Even if the category option is disabled, the edit form will pass hidden location data (if it exists) so that its preserved in case of enabling the location at some point (or during this initial implementation).

NOTE 4: The DISPLAY of data also takes into consideration whether the category allows location data or not, so even if a legacy article has location data, if the category it is in does not allow location, it won't display.

Changes have been made to the Article Create and Edit templates as well as the Article Header and Article Sidebar templates.
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