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Updated Link the cover image on listing/results pages to the Article


Staff member
JoyFreak said:
How do can I make the article image clickable as well and takes you to the article ? on the index page

Instead of explaining how, I've gone ahead an updated the 'list_view_layout' and 'grid_view_layout' macros in the 'xa_ams_article_list_macros' template, so that the cover image (whether its an attachment thumbnail or category image (the Series Icon already does this)) links to the article.

I've also updated a few other templates that display a cover image/icon:
  • reaction_item_ams_article
  • search_result_ams_article
  • xa_ams_article_bookmark_custom_icon
  • xa_ams_index_macros ('featured_carousel' macro)
  • xa_series_part_list_macros ('series_part_list' marco)
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