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Implemented LD - Hide categories from index


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A per category option like available with Showcase

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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
This has been implemented in CAS 2.2.21.

This implementation is the same as I've done in other addons of mine (Classified Ads System, Review Management System and Showcase).

This is a per category option.


In this shot, content from both categories are being fetched for the Link Directory Index page as both categories are configured to display items on the Link Directory index page.


In this shot, I've edited the category "Testing 1...2...3..." and disabled the option to display items on the Link Directory Index page, so you no longer see the item "Test Item Numba Wun" on the Link Directory Index, however, you still see the Category "Testing 1...2...3..." in the Category Navigation Block


And of course, when viewing the Testing 1...2...3... category, you will see all items associated with that Category as expected.