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Large cover photo like facebook

LOL, sorry, I posted that really quick on my way out the door...

Essentially, a cover photo on Facebook and in that plugin I linked to above is a large photo that the user can place at the top of the profile page (in this case, it would be on the showcase page). It's almost the size of a leaderboard banner or bigger. On FB, you have your profile photo, which is like an avatar, and then you have a large cover photo area up at the top of your profile. I was just wondering if it would be tough to add another image spot in the showcase page to give users one more option to personalize each of their showcases. The admin can define the dimensions for the spot, maybe add in usergroup permissions.

With as familiar as everyone probably is with FB I figured this one might be popular with others.
Ah, I've not been on facebook in at least 2 years (I left the day I got invited into the alpha testing for Google +). One of the MANY (100's) of things on my "Wish list of possible things to do" is different layouts for the "Items" pages.

Anyway, I don't see why this couldn't be done with custom fields and modifying the area above the tabs. However, its not something that I have time right now to help with or look into as I am extremely busy trying to release Showcase 1.4.0 Beta 1. Once SC 1.4.0 is stable, I should have time to help out.
Just to add to this... I noticed that CarDomain is now using a large cover photo with overlays similar to the way Facebook does it:

I like the Follow css button and the title overlay they're using. The size of the photo seems a little big, but that seems to be the trend these days.

I wonder if I can just change the way the built-in cover image is used and make it work in a similar way by modifying the showcase item template. I'll have to play with it a bit. I just had a script written to import thousands of showcase items based on profile data and photo uploads from my vB installation. Baby steps.
Like the look. And I don't like facebook, but I do like their solution with the large cover photo. Example of the facebook implementation:
Screenshot 2014-04-06 23.03.42.png

You see the avatar of the user with the large overlay behind it. You can use the cover image instead of the avatar and choose a second image as cover image? The cardomain solution also looks very clean.
Does anyone have any mockups and or any HTML/CSS suggestions? Also, this would effect more than just showcase as the associated discussion thread would also be effected. What about responsive? How is handled (I don't have facebook, so I have no idea how it changes based on width).
FaceBooks web page is not responsive its a set width. Not sure how well this would work with the Showcase but you can scale images with css, something like this:
<img style="height:auto;width:auto;max-width:300px;max-height:300px;"src="...">
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Funny enough, the sonnb Xen Gallery plugin has this exact feature. I can PM you login details to see the implementation if you want Bob.
Here's a quick screenshot... the gray area is the large cover photo. I'll upload a photo to see how it's handled in responsively.


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