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Fixed Item Owners Not Able To Remove Their Own Items From a Community Series in some cases


Staff member
IMS Version
IMS 2.2.20 and older
XenForo Version
XF 2.2.x
PHP Version
Database & Version
Are there any errors being throw?
As per title, in some cases, Item Owners are not able to remove their own Items from a Community Series.

If the Item Owner is NOT the community series manager, nor a staff member with Series Moderator Permissions, they currently are not able to remove their own items.

Item Owners should always be able to remove their own items from any community series.

I've updated the canRemove() permissions check function in the SeriesPart Entity to check to see if the Item is in a community series and if the viewing user is the owner of that Item and to return TRUE if that is the case, which will in turn display the "Remove" link, allowing the Item owner to remove the Item from the series.

Note: This also includes the ability to remove an entry from a community series via the Item Tools of a given Item.