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Updated Item Fields: Text input fields are now indexed in search if Field is searchable


Staff member
As per title, Text input fields (Single-line text box, Multi-line text box and Rich text box) are now indexed in search if the Field is searchable (field must be set as a searchable field).

After upgrading, you will want to make sure that any of your TEXT TYPE Item Fields that you want indexed in search have the setting "Field is Searchable or Filterable" enabled.

You will then need to run the "Rebuild Search Index" >> Build Content Type: Showcase Item. This will re index your Showcase Items and will include custom field value data from text fields as part of the message field for the item.

NOTE: Every time you make a CHANGE to whether a TEXT TYPE field is Searchable or Not, you will need to run the Rebuild Search Index >> Build Content Type: Showcase Item. This is to ensure that field content gets removed from the search if you no longer want that content searchable or to add it to search if you want it searchable. This is just common sense 101 stuff, but it needs to be mentioned.
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