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Resolved is there a way for SEO Purposes to append the category into the url

That would not be possible without the ID of the content (as the ID is the most important part of a URL), so your example as shown would not be possible.

Part of it (adding the Category Name) is IN THEORY possible (as I do something similar in RMS (Review Management System) were the ITEM title is part of the Editor Review URL and User Review URLs

example: https://yourdomain.com/reviews/best-washing-machine-evvah.47/review/84/ Where "best-washing-machine-evvah.47" is the ITEM and /review/84/ is the actual review (either editor review or user review).

So you could (in theory) customize Showcase to do something similar (would require some advanced programming tho). Its not something that can be done with some template edits and its much to complex for a "how to".