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Answered Is it possible to have the "time to read" shown in things like Discord embeds?


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I'm not sure if there's a template change I could do, but is it possible to add the estimated "time to read" in the unfurled URLs for discord embeds and similar? If that's not possible, feel free to say so and mark the thread as complete.
Are you asking about the NEW Embed BBCode in UBS 2.3.0 OR are you asking about the Legacy UBS 2.2.x UBS BBCode, which has been deprecated in UBS 2.3 ?

Read Time is displayed in the NEW XF 2.3 Embed BBCode that is rendered via the embed_resolver_ubs_blog_entry template



Read time is NOT display in the Legacy BBCode via the xa_ubs_ubs_bb_code_blog_entry template, but you should be able to edit the xa_ubs_ubs_bb_code_blog_entry template and add the code from the embed_resolver_ubs_blog_entry template into the xa_ubs_ubs_bb_code_blog_entry template :)

Hope I explained that so that it makes sense :)
Ah, that is not URL Unfurl. URL Unfurl is only within XenForo (like pasting a URL into a Rich Text Editor).

Content Display on external sites is not controlled by XenForo, nor an Addon. It is 100% controlled by the site (Facebook, Twitter, Discord etc).

All UBS does (just like XF does) is provide data via metadata macros and ldJsonHtml. What the external site (Facebook, Twitter, Discord etc) does with that data is up to them. They have their own standard display templates, which is usually to display Cover Image, Link, Title and snippet (altho, they are sent a hell of a lot more than that).

So no, you can not force Facebook or Twitter or Discord to display custom data. They display the data that they want to.