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How Can I Change Sportsbook NavTab Order?


I noticed that my Sportsbook installation placed itself right after the forum tab. How do I make it go further to the right, like near the end?
Admin CP >> Development >> Code Event Listeners

Scroll down till you find the [NFLJ] Sportsbook Listeners (there are 7 of them)
click on the title-> navigation_tabs (3rd listener on the list under sportsbook) (not the red x lol)
Set the 'Callback Execution Order' from 10 (which is default) to a higher value (I'd try 11 first and increment by +1 until it moves)

10 is default (which is what most developers leave it at). So to fine tune exact placements for ALL tabs that are inserted into the MIDDLE hook, you will have to make adjustments to all the addons navigation_tabs listeners.
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