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Not Planned Hide threads from drafts

This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
If article is created and saved "as draft", then discussion shows in Approval Queue.
Yes, this is by design. The creation of the associated thread happens in the Article Create Service. If the article is saved as draft or the article is sent to the approval queue, so is the associated thread. The TITLE of the thread in the Approval Queues also includes the blurb [Article awaiting publishing] which was added to inform the viewing moderator that the thread is part of an Article that is being drafted or awaiting scheduled publishing.

This is not changing. It is working as designed. This also allows Article Authors to edit the first post of the associated thread, which quite a few AMS Premium license holders asked for as part of their Publishing Center needs.

btw, the same exact thing happens with XenForo Resource Manager when a resource is created, the associated thread is also created via the Resource Create Service and if the resource author does not have permissions to post resource without approval, the resource AND the associated thread are both sent to the Approval Queue (this is how XF designed it).

With that said, there is nothing stopping you from hiring a developer to hide threads in the queue if they are of a certain Thread Type (in this cas ThreadType == 'ams_article').