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Google Core Web Vitals: CLS Issue


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EDIT: It seems this may be an issue with core XF, not necessarily AMS itself. Will follow up there.


Search Console seems to have a new report; Core Web Vitals. A number (maybe all) of my article pages are included in a report that cites a CLS issue.



Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Any suggestions to improve layout using the transform CSS property?


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AMS does not have any blocks of content that change height on their own while viewing AMS pages. Pretty sure this issue has to do with Advertisements (which is the main cause of CLS). This drives me nuts at several sites I enjoy reading articles on. Its caused by slow loading Ads (or ads that change and have different heights). Its too the point that I won't even visit those sites on mobile anymore (desktop I use an ad blocker lol)

Anyway... could you let me know if XF responds to your inquiry?
Ah, yeah, I am sure you're right on that. I guess I should probably just go to fixed ad sizes, although not sure how to also support Responsive.

And yes, will let you know any guidance there...
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