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Answered Galleries in Articles!

You can already use the XFMG [GALLERY] embed bbcode to embed XFMG content into ANY piece of content that uses the Core XenForo Rich Text Editor. You've been able to embed gallery content into an AMS Article, AMS Article Page, AMS Comment, AMS Review and AMS Series for over a decade (and can do the same in any content type that uses the Core XF Editor).

AMS also has its own custom EMBED bbcode [AMS] that you can use to embed AMS content (Articles, Article Pages and Series) into any piece of content that uses the Core XenForo Rich Text Editor. AMS has had this feature for over a decade and works the same way that the existing XFMG [GALLERY] bbcode works.

XF 2.3 introduces a new Content Type Handler that makes it much easier for individual content types to implement an EMBED BBcode vs having to create an entire SYSTEM like XFMG currently does (and AMS, IMS, LD, RMS, SC and UBS currently do).

As Chris mentioned in the HYS, the existing [GALLERY] embed bbcode will be converted over to using the new EMBED BBCode (which is content type agnostic).

AMS, IMS, LD, RMS, SC and UBS will also do the same exact thing that XFMG will be doing (converting existing AMS, IMS, LD, RMS, SC and UBS embed BBCodes to use the new [EMBED] bbcode).

You won't have to do a thing, it's all handled by upgrade functions in the Installer. It's really no different than when I had my own custom field systems in XF1 and converted them to use the Core XF Custom Field System introduced in XF2 (XFRM did the same thing).