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Partially Implemented First Impression

Discussion in 'Showcase Closed Suggestions' started by Mathis Neumann, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Hi there,
    I will use this thread to collect my first impressions or things that could get fixed throughout the beta :)

    1. descriptions are displayed with bbcode-tags in showcase main page boxes, e.g.: "Soon to be filled ;) [media]"
    2. Uploading Attachments to use the image gallery is not the first thing you think about (as a user) if you want to create a gallery. (I had to look at the addon description)
    3. Some design issues in smaller layouts, I use 960px as the width - e.g. the user avatar is not next to the comment box, because there is a new line rendered by the webbrowser
    4. There seems to be a missing padding/margin at the top of the item page (there are no free pixels between my headline/avatar and the breadcrumbs of the forum)
    5. While editing: When you hit preview and did not fill out the other tabs, you can still click on them and they will just show the same content as the first tab
    6. It would be great if you could change the url, e.g. from "domain.com/showcase-item/XX" to domain.com/project/XX
    7. more to come ;)
    But to sum it up: I am already pretty impressed by now and thrilled what the full release version could look like. Great work! :)
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I'll cover a couple of these real quick....

    1). Thats a core xenforo issue with the preview functionality. Mike has said that they will not change the parsing of BBCode in the previews.
    2). I'll try and add in some text on the input forum that might help make it more clear.
    3). I'll do a temp fix for that. I don't plan much work on the comments because they are temporary until I convert to Discussion Threads per Showcase Item.
    4). Most likely a style issue as its not happening with core xenforo style. Flexile for example is terrible for doing things like that. Inbox me a link to your site so I can check it out and see what its doing.
    5). Known core xenforo bug. If you hit the preview button a 2nd time, the tabs will parse the editors correctly within each tab. I MAY remove preview functionality until this can be fixed in xenforo.
    6). You can use Jakes Route Changer to change any route (not just for this addon either). Multiple people use Jakes Route changer with this. 8thos posted about this in the showcase thread on xenforo.com
    7). the more the better :D

    Its still a baby, but will grow over time.
  3. Comment system for the image-gallery would be "nice to have" (but not necessary)

    A workaround for the bbcode tags could be that regular expression for preg_replace: (?<=\[)([^\[\]]+)(?=\]) (got it from a friend of mine)
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I won't be adding in another comments system.. makes absolutely no sense to me. Each item has its own comments, thats good enough IMO.

    Feel free to write up a "how to" so that others can apply your BBCode Fix. Its not something that I can do within this addon as I use core xenforo functionality and it would effect the behavior of core xenforo and any other addon that also uses that core functionality. I am not interested in doing that. Im sorry, but things like this are thing you are going to have to do on your own.
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    1). I changed the wording on the button to "Upload Images to Gallery" (If they can't understand that, then I don't know what to say). Also, when images are uploaded, instead of saying "attached files" it now says " Uploaded Images". Out of 50,000 + members that use this, I've never once had anyone that didn't understand this as its basically the same as adding images to a post in a discussion message.

    2). I fixed this in the next release.
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  6. The small details make xenforo great in my opinion! ;)
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  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Beta 5 will be available in a few (if all testing passes).
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