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Filter System


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Showcase now has a Item Filtering system for Showcase Home, Category and Member pages. There are two types of Filters (currently). They are Status Filters and Prefix Filters.

Currently there is only one "Status" filter and that is "Featured" (filters out all items that are not marked as featured).

Prefix Filters vary depending on if you are on Showcase Home (will list all Prefix groups that you are able to view) or a Category page (will only display prefixes for that specific category) and Member Page (category view permissions come into play).

Here are a couple examples of what it looks like.

In this first view, you can see that no filters are selected and the filter drop down has options for both Status and Prefix. Lets select "Featured" and see what happens (see next screen shot).

As you can see, the items list on Showcase Home now only lists "Featured" Items (also note the new "featured" status on the list view). Lets now find all the "Featured" items that are "For Sale" (see next screen shot)...

As you can see, I've kept the "Featured" filter active and selected the "For Sale" Prefix so now it lists only items that have been marked as "Featured" and have the Prefix of "For Sale".
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btw, filtering also works in GRID view as well (here are some screen shots in GRID View.

Here is a screen of Showcase Home in Grid View with no filters selected.


Here we selected "Featured"

Here we selected both Filtered and ROTM (Ride of the Month for those of you that are wondering what ROTM stands for lol)
This is a quasi classified/showcase/ etc...

This is absolutely perfect for auto sites (not that it isn't great for others as well).

Gonna have to see what I can come up with to turn it into something else... lol. I just have to keep away from the norm.
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There are sooooooo many different possibilities :) All my examples are Cars and Aquariums :D
Does this filtering extend to custom field data as well?
Does this filtering extend to custom field data as well?

not yet, but that is something I am intent on being able to do. I need it badly, so you can rest assured that I will try my best to make sure it gets implemented lol
Haha, yeah, seems like a logical feature. I know users on my site love filters.
Haha, yeah, seems like a logical feature. I know users on my site love filters.

yup, same with searching by custom fields as well.

Filtering by Tags and Custom Fields are things that I want and need.
Oh yeah, searching custom fields is a must. Hopefully it doesn't take that long to implement.