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Few more showcase questions

I have a few more questions but I think im almost at the point where i turned the showcase into something i really like and enjoy!

1) How can I remove the cover image block on the items page?

2) How do I alphabetize all my categories ( i think i may have done this before but cannot find it now).

3) I have over 2500 items in the showcase, is it at all possible to run a query or anything to create a thread for all the items?

Once again I would like to thank Bob for all the support thus far, not only is he supporting the showcase for what it is but hes also going out of his way to help me turn it into what i want it to do :)
#1 Remove the block of code from the item sidebar template: nflj_showcase_item_sidebar
    <xen:if is="{$item.cover_image}">
        <xen:require js="js/nflj/showcase/jquery.resizecrop-1.0.3.min.js" />
        <script type="text/javascript">
                $('.showcaseSidebarThumb .showcaseSidebarThumbnail').resizecrop({
        <div class="section">
            <div class="secondaryContent">   
                <xen:if is="{$item.featured}">
                    <strong class="featuredNotice">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_featured}</strong>
                <h3>{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_item_sidebar_image_header}</h3>
                <div align="center" id="item-{$item.item_id}" data-author="{$item.username}">
                    <div class="showcaseSidebarThumb"><img  border="0" src="{$item.cover_image.thumbnailUrl}" class="showcaseSidebarThumbnail" /></div>

#2. That would require customization as there are no methods that deal with sorting Categories by Title (as that isn't within the scope of a Nested Set Model for Hierarchical Categories).

#3. No. Its not something that can be handled with an SQL query. To do that, you'd need to have a custom script written for you.