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Implemented Facebook meta info and image with Sportsbook page definitions

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I don't use Facebook, nor do I program for it, so I will need to figure out what's needed. I'll ask Mike or DP as I know I can get "THE" answer from them lol
ya, its already done. I did it the same way Mike did it for a Resource.
shooting for next week :) All of the major functionality is done and tested. Just tweaking things and working on minor functionality right now. I have 3 layouts (all outcome associated) that I am still tweaking.

Its a complete rebuild top to bottom, left to right. All new templates/css/phrases/permissions/code/functionality etc.. its taken me over 6 months to get to this point lol
Its all driven by Core XF and the FacebookID you enter into the adminCP. It is the EXACT code from the XF Resource Manager. I don't have (and never will have) a Facebook account, so I can't tell you if the header looks any different when logged in with facebook.

Have you tried posting a Resource to Facebook and comparing (or do you not have the RM?). Maybe the RM doesn't have what you need either and I might have to see if there is something that threads have that the RM doesn't.