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Expose custom fields outside the item view


New Member
Custom field data is currently only exposed in the item view.

I think it would be useful to also expose them via "Self Placement" in Category View, Member View and Index View.

Fields such as "price" or "location" could then show under each item on the landing page, etc.

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Custom Field data for each item is now exposed where ever items are "prepared" (which is pretty much everywhere, lists, blocks, widgets etc). They are exposed as $item.customFields <--- an array, so to access a specific element, it would be $item.customFields[fieldId] where as fieldID is the unique ID of that field when you created it.

  ["customFields"] => array(6) {
    ["_owntab1"] => string(14) "test test test"
    ["_owntab2"] => string(0) "some test text"
    ["_owntab3"] => string(0) "weeeeeeeee"
    ["_owntab4"] => string(0) "nom nom nom"
    ["selfplace1"] => string(6) "Pizza!"
    ["tab1_field2"] => array(2) {
      ["COLOR_1"] => string(7) "COLOR_1"
      ["COLOR_2"] => string(7) "COLOR_2"

Phrases are cached and now use Helpers, so to properly display COLOR_1

The first one is for the TITLE and the 2nd one is for the VALUE

{xen:helper showcaseFieldTitle, $fieldId}

{xen:helper showcaseFieldValue, $item, $fieldId, {$item.customFields.{$fieldId}}}