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Implemented Expand category navigation (global or per category)


Staff member
This has been implemented in SB 2.2.1

I've implemented this in 2 different ways (a Global option OR per category configuration).


I've added a new Sportsbook option "Expand category navigation (entire tree). This option is disabled by default. If you enable this option the ENTIRE Category Tree will be expanded in the Category Navigation block.

Note: The Global option takes priority over individual category options pertaining to Expanded navigation. Its done this way so that those that want the entire tree expanded can do so by setting the global option to expand the entire tree and don't have to edit each individual category to do that.


Here is an example of the full tree being expanded...


Per Category configuration

As mentioned above, in order to use the Per Category configuration, the Global Option must be disabled (as that expands the entire tree).

There is a new per category configuration option "Expand category navigation". When enabled, this will expand the Category Navigation (one level) for the specific category. If you want the entire Category Tree expanded, you will need to edit each category within the tree that you want expanded (it requires that the level directly above it is also expanded for this to work).


Here is an example of a Category (Sports) that is set to expanded.


Here you can see that even when viewing another Category (Entertainment), the Sports category stays expanded.

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