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Implemented [Enhanced] Mass Delete Events via Admin CP


Staff member
I've replaced the old depreciated "Delete Archive" functionality with a NEW Mass Delete Events function.

This new functionality is located in the Admin CP >> Applications >> Event Management >> Delete Events

This new functionality lets you choose the type of events (by Event Status) that you want to PERMANENTLY delete from the Sportsbook System. I will say again, PERMANENTLY!

Usage? Mainly for wiping Sportsbook clean (by selecting every status). You can also use it to clean up all soft deleted (formerly abandoned) events. I know a few Admins that like to reset "Stats", but not remove current open/closed/awaiting/pending/deleted events and now you can do that by simply checking only Settled.

The biggest thing to remember is that this is a PERMANENT DELETE! There is no reversing! Once you hit submit, the events are GONE!

This is what the Delete Events Overlay looks like... Notice the Red Warnings!

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