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how to delete a settled event?


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I had made some tests prior to launch Sportsbook in my website.

I abandoned some events and in this way I deleted them in the admin cp, but I've a test event that is settled... and I can't adelete it.

Is there a way to do it?
I have to delete it directly from the db?
You can safely remove any event manually, but you also need to remove any outcomes and wagers associated with it as well or you will end up with orphaned outcomes and wagers which will mess up the system (History and Stats).

get the event_id from the xf_nflj_sportsbook_event table for the event you want to remove then remove any outcomes from the xf_nflj_sportsbook_outcome table that have that event_id. Do the same for the xf_nflj_sportsbook_wager table and finally, remove the record from the xf_nflj_sportsbook_event table.

if the event_id = 15

DELETE FROM xf_nflj_sportsbook_outcome WHERE event_id = 15

DELETE FROM xf_nflj_sportsbook_wager WHERE event_id = 15

DELETE FROM xf_nflj_sportsbook_event WHERE event_id = 15

I will not be adding in functionality to delete settled events as this is HISTORY and to do it correctly would require pulling back any winnings from all wagers paid out. That could pose issues with people that don't have enough money to be pulled back and it just is not worth it. My stance is that all TESTING should be done in a development environment and in the unique rare cases where you "have" to remove a settled event, it can be handled manually as above.
You're right right about testing enviroment, but I was in a hurry for Olympics so I installed 1.0 directly in the live website.
I tested older versions in local but never come in my mind to delete settled events.

Thank you for the "how to".