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Resolved Easy way to change "Article/s" for "Review/s"


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AMS Premium
RMS Premium
Hi Bob,

Finally getting around to setting up AMS - we're going to use it to allow members to post reviews, so we'd like to change all the article wording to reviews.

Is there a quick way to do this or do we need to edit all the phrases manually?

XenForo has a search function for phrases, but not a search & replace, so you'd have to edit A LOT of phrases (or at least the most common places where you'd want the "Article" replaced with "Review".

Keep in mind that AMS has User Reviews functionality and it uses the generic term "review", so by changing "article" to "review", you might end up with situations where its very confusing because "review" might mean the "Article" or it might mean an User Review (hope that makes sense).

Another option would be to ditch AMS and use RMS (Review Management System) instead as RMS is designed as a Review System. There is also Showcase as well, which is not designed AS a review system, however, its better than AMS as far as Reviews goes (more review based features).

Hit me up in Private if you might be interested in RMS so I can get you access to a Demo.