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Display Sportsbook Node List under Forum Node List


New Member
I tried jakes route changer,

I have a forum called Betting Room, I want Sportsbook new events, threads, comments to be displayed in that forum node list, not in its own, new forum, thoughts welcome,
The "Sportsbook Node List" is nothing more than a Widget layed out to look similar to the Nodes displayed on the Forum Home page (as requested by one of the users of sportsbook) . Its not an actual "NODE". The widget can be displayed above or below the Forum List.
Right, yes I see that, is there a way to dump the events into an existing forum? I have a category called the sportsbar, within in that, a forum called Betting Room. Would like to have all new events be put into the Betting Room forum.

Great mod Bob BTW.
The only thing that can go into a forum are threads. Sportsbooks Events are not "threads". I MAY at some point in a later version move away from the "comments" system and create individual threads for each event (so it would be similar to how the Resource Manager creates a thread when a new resource is added to the RM. Then you could tab back and forth between the Event and the Discussion.