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Display showcase in a certain node/forum.


SC Premium

I would like to add showcase node list in a certain node/forum in forum list.

In node_category_level_1 template...

<xen:if is="{$category.node_id} == 40">
    <xen:include template="nflj_showcase_node_list" />

40 is a category id but thats not working into/above or below category :/

Is there any function to do this? I don't want display showcase below or above node list. I only would like to add them into ceratain x node/category in forum list.

The Showcase Data required for the nflj_showcase_node_list template is exposed to the Forum Controller and then a TM checks for that Data, passes that Data to the template and adds it to Forum home (either above or below) the Forum list.

What you are wanting to do can not be done the way you are trying (via a template edit). What you want to do would require extensive PHP coding (you'd need to extend the process that creates the Node List).