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Not Planned Display item sidebar in associated thread?


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Can't think of how this might work - the item sidebar has the cover photo and other info. Is there a way (maybe via template edits) to add the item sidebar to the sidebar of the associated thread? I'm betting this would be a pretty big custom edit.
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I'm betting this would be a pretty big custom edit.
You are correct and it would require programming (this can't be done via template edits). None of the data needed for the Showcase Sidebar is being fetched and prepared for those specific sidebar blocks.
Are you going to be sticking with the XF1 version for awhile, or are you making plans to use XF2?
Well I have a few plugins that I'm using on my DSMtuners site that haven't been ported over to XF2 yet, so I had to get the Timeslips plugin built for XF1 because of that. I haven't made any solid plans for an XF2 upgrade for my DSMtuners site yet.

I'm using that same Timeslips plugin as the basis for my new Mustang site project. I could get it ported for XF2 for that site but it's going to cost a decent chunk of cash to do it, so my plan was to try and launch the project first, see how it's accepted in the market, make adjustments based on feedback, and then port the plugin (and the forum) over to XF2 within a year.