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Implemented Discussion Thread Integration


Staff member
Showcase items can now have discussion threads associated with them. This is a Per Category setting, ie, you can have some categories that don't create discussion threads and some that do. When creating or editing a sportsbook category, you have the option to choose the discussion forum for these threads as well as a thread prefix (is the chosen Forum has prefixes assigned to it).

You can also associate an existing thread to a sportsbook event by editing the event and adding the Discussion Thread ID into the appropriate field on the input form. This is a moderator permissions based functionality.

Along with automatically creating the Discussion Thread, when you add new outcomes to an event, it will make a post in the thread. Also, when you edit an outcome and change the ODDS, it will also make a post in the thread alerting those that there has been a change in odds for an outcome.

THere are other automatic postings as well.
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