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Not Planned Custom Field Type suggestion


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I know I've suggested making a file upload field type before, and I know that's a little too complex to implement. But would it be possible to create a field type that allows the user to quickly grab the URL for a file attached to the item?

I have a single line text field where I ask the member to enter a URL for a photo of a timeslip. I want them to upload that photo as an item attachment. They can upload as an attachment and then reference that attachment URL, but trying to explain how to do that is sounding pretty complicated. It would be WAY better if they could simply choose from a file that is attached and have the field populate with that URL.

Does that make sense?
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XF2 versions of my addons use the new Custom Fields handler that is included with the XenForo Framework. This means the available field types come from what ever XenForo decides to include. IIRC, their is a suggestion to add an attachment field type to the Custom Fields handler.

As for XF1 versions of my addons, they are all in Maintenance Mode only right now (until all XF2 development has been completed). I really doubt that I will ever have time to implement something like this in the XF1 version of Showcase however.