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Creating threads for items who had previously showcase comment system



I used the showcase comment system, but I want to switch to the discussion system where the showcase items get their own forum thread. When I enable it, I don't have the option to have the threads created. Is there an option to do this? I don't mind that the made comments disappear, but I can't ask members to resubmit the showcase :)
The only time Showcase creates a discussion thread is during the initial item create process. There is no built in "create a thread for this item" functionality. You CAN however easily create a thread (or use an existing thread) and then associate that thread with the item (just by editing the item and adding that thread ID to it (if you have permission to do so as it is a moderator permissions).

There have been similar suggestions, but not exactly as specific as this one, so either look through the suggestions and bump that thread or start a new thread requesting this very specific request.
@Bob B Do you might know if I could run the query to create a thread upon creation manually afterwards? And if yes, could you provide me the query? It's only 25 items, so I could create threads by hand, but then they would have me as thread starter and I would have the owner of the item as thread starter if possible so it's not the preferred solution, but it's possible :)
no, it needs to be done via code using the DataWriters as there are many things that take place at multiple levels (many fields in many tables involved). You can TRY to use the showcase reassign functionality to change the thread Author from yourself to the Item owner (that is one if its functionalities). Not sure if it will work tho if trying to reassign it to the current owner (might have to assign it to yourself, then back to the owner again... its worth TRYING with one to see if it works tho.

EDIT: Worked just fine for me..

Step 1. Created new thread as ADMIN
Step 2. Edit a showcase item that belonged to Anditsgood and associated the new thread.
Step 3. Reassigned the showcase item to Anditsgood (even tho he currently owned it)

That changed the Thread owner to Anditsgood.
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