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Resolved Cover picture


Please, you have to think about that cover picture. It is nice to have it, but in now way we can show a picture twice times. This more worse than two women with the same dress wherever.

Solve it for example with a trigger
(dont show the cover picture a second time, if not attached to the text)

And this is a support question not a suggestion. :)
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Each Article has the OPTION of displaying the Cover Image above the Article. It can be enabled/disabled on a PER ARTICLE BASIS. It does NOT display unless you OPT IN (its disabled by default)

When you create an article, you have to OPT IN to displaying the Cover Image above the Article (its disabled by default).


The option is able to be set/unset when editing the article as well. Here you can see that this particular article has the Display cover image above article disabled as its unchecked.


You can also set/unset the "Display cover image above article" option via the "Set cover image" function. As you can see in this shot, the option is disabled and the cover image is NOT displaying above the article.


In this shot, I've enabled the Display cover image above the article and as you can see, the cover image is displaying above the article.


If you need something different, then that will require customization.
Yes, sure.
The problem is this:

Add an article with a short text and one large picture. Now use it as cover.
Then you see the picture twice times. This look typical unprofessional.
Means i will never use the cover picture or i find a way to dont show the picture a second time.
If you have a long text this is maybe acceptable when the picture is insert at the end again, but with a short text not.

To solve this, you need an option

* use cover
* dont show cover pic twice

or i need an bbcode to hide just this picture in the text, but no normal user wants to go like this.
So the option "dont show twice times" is a must from my view.

Example: One picture, short text, no insert


Why i need to see the thumbnail here? It is normal behavior, i know, but it makes no sense!

Now tow pictures


None will understand why we have a picture above, one in text and then repeating the first picture as thumbnal. Still normal XF - behavior, but ugly and without sense.

Solution, but also ugly: insert the cover picture also
Why i need to see it again!


In any way this looks unprofessional. Means for me, that i dont use the cover picture at all, while i would like to use it, but not with showing thumb or insert again.
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The option "Display cover image above article" is OPTIONAL (and is OPT IN on a per article basis). It can be enabled/disabled on a per article basis (as its designed to be able to do). If you have the option enabled on a specific article and it doesn't work for that specific article, you have the ability to unset that option so that the cover image does not display above the article. Its something you can turn on and off at any point.

I have no plans to remove the per article option "Display cover image above article", nor do I have any plans to make any modifications to any of the existing cover image features (which there are several) .
Stop discussion, please! Its me. :)
It is not about option or not option. It is about using it and have a perfect result.
The perfect result is to have a cover and dont show the picture a second time.
The easiest way would be a bbcode to not show the inserted attach, i guess.

I will see if i can manage this ...
The perfect result is to have a cover and dont show the picture a second time.
One thing I'd suggest is to set the "Image gallery location" option (AMS options) to "Own tab" instead of "Below article". This way uploaded images that are not embedded into the article, won't display below the article, they will be displayed in a Gallery Tab instead. You can also choose the "No gallery" location as well (that might work for you).
To make it complete i should be:

Article Icon (only in list)
Cover (only above text)
Text images (inside text)
Gallery pics (perfect in own tab)

With this you are ready for every situation, i guess.

At the moment i use the "blog view"; but with the next add-on finished i want to have list view with icons in the same size and for the first {x} ones a bigger one.

For the text i will implement a bbcode hide to put away what i dont want to show/see.

I know: Every way has advantages and problems. And to make it perfect for every situation it could be easily result in a monster of triggers, options and ways to go. #:)