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Article Management System Couple of pre-sale questions

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by iBrian, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. iBrian

    iBrian New Member

    Just a couple of pre-sale questions about AMS:

    1. thelaw.com has AMS running from its homepage - is this a normal setting, or did they have to do a custom configuration for it?

    2. If AMS runs from the homepage, is there a XML/RSS feed associated with just the article/news content? Is there any possibility of these being confused with the default xenforo feeds?

    3. It looks like the AMS demo here counts views - in which case, would it be easy to set up a "Most popular" list of trending articles, as well as "Most Commented" or "Recent Comment" headings with the relevant content?

    4. Is it going to be simple and easy to put "Latest/Trending articles" in the standard xenforo sidebar - additionally, is it possible to list recent xenforo forum discussions (from own install) in the AMS template anywhere?

    Hope those questions are alright t ask. :)
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  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its a Core XenForo setting that allows you to set any Addon that has its own route as the Index Page. You can do this with XenForo Resource Manager, XenForo Media Gallery, Showcase, AMS, UBS, RMS etc etc etc. For AMS, its 3 steps. This is step #1, step #2 is going to AMS options and setting the Navigation Tab to the HOME position and the 3rd step is editing the Articles Navigation Tab phrase (changing it to Home).


    Addon URLs do not change when setting an Addon as the Index Page. XenForo route system handles this perfectly.

    There are dozens of functions in AMS that let you set the "Sort Order" based on View count. All the index pages have that functionality, the sliders, widgets, sidebar blocks, [bd] Widget Framework Renderers, CTA Featured Thread & Portal Integration etc.

    There is built in Forum Home sidebar blocks as well as several [bd] Widget Framework Renderers for creating widgets for XenForo Sidebars as well as built in CTA Features Threads & Portal integration allowing you to add AMS content to CTA Portal via setting some options.

    You can do stuff like that via [bd] Widget Framework using Custom Hooks location (probably the most powerful and easiest thing to do that hardly anyone knows about).
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