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Partially Implemented Comments Sortorder


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first sorry for my bad english.

can we become an option, that we can change the sortorder of the comments? at the moment is the oldest comment at the bottom.

on our site, the users write a lot of comments and are angry, that the newest comment is always on the top.

next is: can we become an option, that the users can reply to a other comment?

and at last: a block for the latest comments, where nice..........without a block it is hard for the users, to see that is action on the showcasesite..........
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I am adding in Discussion Thread integration with the next version and that would probably bet better for you to use than the comments system. Comments are meant to be in the order like they are as they are not a "discussion" but simply comments. I have no plans to add Nested comments now that showcase has Discussion Thread integration.

When I have time, I will probably add more modules/widgets/blocks etc. The addition of Discussion Threads will allow for the use of "Whats new", so I don't see a huge rush for a recent comments block.