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Classifieds add-on


Dear Bob,

I know that you are extremely busy porting your existing add-ons to XF2, but maybe when you finish them all... have you ever planned to develop a Classifieds add-on? I can't think of any other trustworthy and professional developer than you to develop such a complex software.

For XF1 there was an amateur coder who tried, he got a lot of attention but unfortunately he abandoned the project: GoodForNothing Classifieds [Paid] [Deleted]

If you search in Google for "classifieds site:xenforo.com" you'll see that there is a lot of demand.

have you ever planned to develop a Classifieds add-on?
No, and I doubt I ever will. I have several other addons that I'd like to pursue when I get to a point that I can start working on NEW stuff again.