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Change % Picked Bar Colour

Discussion in 'Pickem Support' started by hIBEES, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    How do I change the bar colours on the % picked part. Screenshot_20190602-150808_Chrome.jpg
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    You can either edit the xa_pickem.less template directly OR you can add CSS to Extra.less that will override the classes. Being that only pickem uses this CSS, you should be fine with direct edits vs having to manage it via Extra.less.

    For example, this first image shows you the class inside the xf_pickem.less template that controls the background color of the graph wrapper (the lighter color that the percentage bars sit on top of). #ddd is a very light grey.


    The percentage colors each have their own class that controls the color for that class, so you'd just need to change those to suit your needs.

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  3. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    Quality, got it, thank you so much :)

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