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Resolved Change author?


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Is it possible to change the author? I looked but didn’t see an option for that. Thanks
Yes, the term used is "Reassign" and is an Moderator function.

Reassign is permissions driven function, via AMS Article moderator permissions. The viewing moderator must have both the permission to edit any article and permission to reassign articles.

Also, the "Use inline moderation on articles" permission is required to use the bulk reassign articles via inline moderation.


If the viewing user is a Moderator and has the appropriate permissions, they can bulk reassign articles via inline moderation.



Each Article also has a "reassign article" function located in the More options dropdown. If the viewing user has permissions to edit any article and reassign articles, then they will see a link titled "Reassign article".


The reassign article overlay is similar to the inline moderation overlay. Type in the username of the new owner and the option to send alerts to both the new owner and previous owner.


The username input uses the core XF username helper (auto fill).

Important note: The new owner must be able to VIEW the article.